What Will Weaken the Prosecution's Case Against You?

What Will Weaken the Prosecution's Case Against You?

Discuss legal strategies with our misdemeanor lawyer in Kissimmee, FL

A good trial lawyer knows that poking holes in the prosecution's case can work out well for the defendant. At The Law Office of Ernest J. Mullins, P.A., you'll work with a seasoned misdemeanor lawyer who knows how to analyze the evidence against you.

For example, our trial lawyer can...

  • Review the police report to find out if your arresting officer followed protocol
  • Making a motion to suppress evidence so the prosecution can't use it
  • Look for flaws in the prosecution's argument

We'll need to know all the facts upfront, so please be sure to bring relevant documents to your consultation. Make an appointment at our Kissimmee, FL law firm today.

Tell a trial lawyer about your charges

Attorney Mullins can represent you if you're facing misdemeanor charges for offenses like...

  • Assault
  • Battery
  • Drug possession
  • Violation of probation

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